Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mel Shearsmith: Movement & Video Artist

As an artist I am primarily interested in the body; how we move, where we move from and how we exist and respond to our environment, our landscapes (both internal and external). This is an essential place to navigate from. I work with site either creating temporary works as a response to place and I create video installations that capture something that exists out of real time to create another way of seeing, a different view or perspective. As an artist I am interested in the role of the ‘witness’, to witness from a place that is engaged in the moment and willing to always receive and to respond.

I am currently exploring the relationship between the body (the ‘live-ness’) and the word (recording a moment), how they co-inform each other, how to move the reader and word the dance. Text has become increasingly important as an element of my work, and is part of my ‘temporary’ pieces and my video work. Working with text also creates an opportunity to leave something behind.

I am studying my Masters in ‘research based practice’ at University West England, Bristol and beginning the recovery of my practice, remembering the body and mine and searching for (an)other, generous voice. This is motivated by an interest in ‘why people move’, where do we move from? I respond to these ‘sites’ or happenings as suspended moments. To recognise these as moments of beauty where something else happens, something that takes you out of yourself (un-selfing) and of finding ways to relocate it back into the world. These extended memories or moments of presence exist but are points of transformation that fascinate me.

For this exchange exhibition I will be showing a piece of textural/textual film, aria: never has there been a shade, a site-responsive film. This came from an intimate week of walking along the river, allowing myself to be drawn to the place and pace that wanted to be illuminated. Aria: never has there been a shade is the accumulation of this experience.

My process, journeys and ramblings can be found in more depth at: